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Holiday Beach Conservation Area

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Directions to the HBMO Hawk Tower

Entering Canada from Detroit at the Ambassador Bridge:
After Canadian Customs, stay left 50 yards, passing over the railroad tracks.
You are now on Huron Church Road leading to Highway 401 and Highway 3. Continue east 3.8 miles to the intersection with Todd and Cabana roads. Go through the intersection, staying to the right. In less than 100 yards the main road splits; 401 and 3 continue to the left as the main road and Huron Church narrows and angles to the right. Follow Huron Church right for 0.5 miles to Disputed Road. After anglign a right turn onto Disputed Road, travel south. At 4 miles Disputed Road intersects with Townline Road, and the name changes to Concession 5. Continue south 5 miles and Concession 5 "T"'s with South Townline Road. Turn left and travel east 0.2 miles, turning right (south) onto Concession 6. Continue south for 3.4 miles to the intersection with Highway 20 at Malden Centre in the town of Amherstburg. There is a restaurant/convenience/gas store on the southeast corner of the intersection. Go through the intersection south onto Route 50 for 1.3 miles. The entrance to the Holiday Beach Conservation Area is on the right. Pay entry fee and continue to the Hawk Tower at the south end of the park. Park vehicle and walk to the tower.

West bound on Routes 401 and 3

Howard Avenue, Route 9, intersects Routes 401 and 3 east of Windsor. Take Howard Avenue south to Highway 20 ("T"'s) and turn left (west) traveling to Malden Centre in the town of Amherstburg. A restaurant/convenience/gas store is on the left. Turn left (south) on to Route 50 for 1.3 miles; the entrance to HBCA is on the right.

What to bring to HBCA

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